With the GFI National Conference behind us, we are now turning our attention to a couple of other important projects impacting the GFI community and this website.

Behind the scenes, our major focus continues to be the development and production of the long  waited Gift series. The scope of this project – which includes hundreds of adults and children in a variety of settings, special effects and weather dependent scenes – is designed to take parent education to a whole new level. While the focus of the  teaching content parallels the Growing Kids God’s Way, by no means will it replace the GKGW series. The Gift series offers a contemporary alternative that meets the unique needs of the ‘digital’ generation. Regarding a release date for this project, the only thing we can tell you at this point, is that “we’re working on it -diligently! Keep us in your prayers.

More pertinent to this website is the effort being made, by the GFI team to upgrade all our websites.  The plan is to expand our multimedia influence while consolidating  our written  resources. We are not sure when the new website(s) will officially be ‘on line’ but we wanted to alert our readership that we are actively working toward the new look and content changes.

It is precisely because we are redirecting so much time and resources to these upgrades, that we made the decision to ‘freeze frame’ this website until we migrate all the information into the new formats. For now, GrowingKids.org will continue remain active and be a handy resource and library. However, we will not be adding any new blogs or content data to this site. The next article posted will be to announce the activation of the various updated GFI websites.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with the process.

Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo