I had a email exchange with Mrs. Ezzo a while back regarding a blog post idea for this site. I mentioned that I was considering a blog series on my implementation of The Father’s Mandate from chapter four of Growing Kids God’s Way. Here’s what I said in my email to Mrs. Ezzo:

“I am thinking of starting a series of posts on the Father’s Mandate.  This would serve as a good refresher for me and provide other dads with some encouragement to keep focus on these priceless duties as a father during stressful times.”

Mrs. Ezzo was very encouraging in her response to this idea. This email exchange took place over two years ago, one thing led to another, life happened, and I did not post the blog series here on GrowingKids.org as planned. In 2011 I launched the DaddyLife.net web site with a podcast and blog. The site is intended to educate parents on technology safety in addition to encouraging, equipping, and challenging men to rise above mediocrity in their marriage and parenting. Rising Above Mediocrity is one of my favorite titles from Mom’s Notes by our good friends and mentors Joey and Carla Link. The title to that particular teaching expresses the result that I hope and pray for as I continue to share with parents through the DaddyLife.net blog and podcast.

I did eventually follow through with my idea to complete a series on The Father’s Mandate. I even stepped it up a notch. In addition to creating blog notes, I also shared my implementation of the Father’s Mandate in an eight part audio podcast series. These eight episodes are available for download for free directly from DaddyLife.net or you can subscribe to the free podcast via iTunes.  Episodes 12-19 include the Father’s Mandate series. Episode 20 of the DaddyLife.net Podcast provides a followup to The Father’s Mandate series. That episode also includes direct links to each of the eight parts from the series as well as a cute interview with my nine year-old son Riley as he shares his favorite holiday traditions.

I would love to hear your feedback about The Father’s Mandate series or the web site in general. You can say hello in the comments section of the DaddyLife.net blog.